Butler Volleyball Camps

2018 Butler Volleyball Tournament



June 1 and June 29   June 25-26
Two Sessions at Butler Community College (El Dorado campus)    
    Grades 3-5 (grade just completed)  8-11AM
This tournament is for High School Vollyball Teams   Grades 6-8 (grade just completed)  1-4PM
Cost $125 ($225 for both session)   Cost $65 Per Camper (sibling discount $5/camper)





Butler Volleyball is pleased to announce the start of our Annual Team Tournaments. This is for any High School team that wants to come spend a day in the gym playing volleyball! The tournament will consist of 12 teams, 3 pools of 4 teams. A pool-play type format will take place in both the morning and afternoon sessions. We will break for lunch and refigure pools based on records. The top team from each pool and one at-large team will go to the "Purple" pool, 2nd's will go to the "Gold" pool, and 3rd's will go to the "Black" pool. If the tournament fills, each team will play 6 matches. 

*First two matches will go to 25, with the 3rd going to 15.

*Officials will be provided.

*Teams are responsible for line judging and score keeping.

*In case of a tie, point spread will be used.

*Lunch is not provided, but there will be a small snack and water stand available.

*Butler merchandise available!


Two days of instructional drills and competitive play.