Butler represented on 2012-13 NJCAA All-Academic Award list

Butler represented on 2012-13 NJCAA All-Academic Award list

The NJCAA Headquarters released the 2012-13 NJCAA All-Academic Teams and Student-Athlete Awards on Tuesday. Butler was well represented, as the Grizzlies had eight teams receiving accolades – including women's soccer, which earned the Academic Team of the Year for having the top grade point average in their respective sport. The Grizzlies' soccer squad finished the 2012-13 season with an overall grade point average of 3.47.

Other Butler teams that were recognized were men's baseball (3.24), women's basketball (3.28), men's cross country (3.07), women's cross country (3.02), women's outdoor track and field (3.01), women's softball (3.33) and women's volleyball (3.50).

Butler had 24 athletes earning Student-Athlete Awards, with five - Hanna Flaming (volleyball), Hope Harsh (women's volleyball), Jacob Hurla (men's football), Mac Millspaugh (women's softball) and Alex Millspaugh (women's softball) - earning the Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence for maintaining a 4.0 grade point average.

Over 1,600 NJCAA student-athletes met the requirements for individual academic honors, including 169 that earned the Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence (4.0 GPA). Superior Academic Achievement (3.8+ GPA) honors went to 592 student-athletes and over 900 met the standard for Exemplary Academic Achievement (3.6+ GPA). 

Academic team accolades (3.0+ team GPA) were earned by over 500 programs with 24 winning the distinction as the Academic Teams of the Year.

This season, close to 60,000 student-athletes competed in the NJCAA across 3,500 teams in 28 different sports.

The 2012-2013 academic year marks the 30th consecutive season the NJCAA has recognized the success of its student-athletes in the classroom. With minimal changes, the NJCAA academic awards program has been in place since 1983.

Below is a list of the Grizzly athletes that received Student-Athlete Award accolades:

  Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence (4.0 GPA)  
Hanna Flaming Women's Volleyball


Hope Harsh Women's Volleyball 4.0
Jacob Hurla Men's Football 4.0
Mac Millspaugh Women's Softball 4.0
Alex Millspaugh Women's Softball 4.0
Superior Academic Achievement (3.8+ GPA)
Blake Bean Men's Football 3.88
Casie Greenlee Women's Soccer 3.81
Rachel Harper Women's Softball 3.92
Travis Hendry Men's Baseball 3.9
Samantha Jernigan Women's Volleyball 3.85
Max Martinez Men's Football 3.94
Exemplary Academic Achievement (3.6+ GPA)
Kelsey Berlin Women's Softball 3.65
Alyssa Miller Women's Soccer 3.6
Kelsey Miller Women's Volleyball 3.63
Teresa Offerman Women's Soccer 3.65
Mari Ruvalcaba Women's Soccer 3.66
Cesar Sanabria Men's Cross Country 3.66
Samantha Satterlee Women's Basketball 3.72
Megan Snyder Women's Soccer 3.7
Aimee Wood Women's Volleyball 3.61
JeeHye Yi Women's Soccer 3.66
Brandon Young Men's Baseball 3.66
Derek Ziegenhirt Men's Baseball 3.63
Shelby Zoglman Women's Volleyball 3.7