Butler track competes at two meets over the weekend

Butler track competes at two meets over the weekend

The Butler Community College track and field teams traveled to two meets this weekend - at Iowa State on Friday and at Highland on Sunday.

Cesar Sanabria and Kelvin Busienei started the busy weekend off in an amazing mile race at the Iowa State Classic in Ames, Iowa. Sanabria won the heat in a national qualify time of 4:17.14, Busienei was not that far behind in a national qualifying time of 4:18.74.
Busienei then came back a short time later to qualify for nationals in the 800m. His time of 1:54.19 is one of the top times in the NJCAA and ranks him ninth all-time at Butler.
On the women's side at Iowa State, Carole Idolphine became the second Butler women this year to qualify for the national meet. She hit the standard in the 600 and now ranks as fourth fastest all-time at Butler in the event.
At Highland on Saturday, the Grizzlies brought home two first place finishes while the ladies top them with six victories including three by Fiona Masai. Masai won the 1000M, Mile and 3000M.
Remona Burchell continued her great freshman season by winning the 55M dash. Her time of 6.85 converts to 7.38 for 60M, this time is a new school record at Butler.
The teams will now gear up for the Region VI championships on February 17th, 18th and 19th.

Iowa State






600Y               Carole Idolphine                1:31.64          National Qualifier/4th @Butler

                        Kelsey Camien                    1:33.20          9th All Time at Butler




600Y               Emanuel Thornton             1:16.41

800M             Kelvin Busienei                  1:54.19          National Qualifier/ 9th @Butler

                        Devery Robley                     1:59.82

Mile                Cesar Sanabria                    4:17.14

                        Kelvin Busienei                    4:18.74

5000M           Joseph Metcalf                    16:20.55








55M     1st Place Remona Burchell               7.06P/6.85F Improved Q/School Record

                        Cydnie Brown                      7.55P             13th All Time at Butler

200M             Cydnie Brown                      27.40

400M 1st Place  Carole Idolphine                1:03.57

500M 1st Place  Kelsey Camien                    1:23.95          9th All Time at Butler

                        Paige Slayton                      1:27.08          13th All Time at Butler

1000M 1st Place Fiona Masai                       3:19.36

                        Tracy Rausch                       3:38.66

                        Martha Avila                        4:16.59

Mile    1st Place  Fiona Masai                         5:52.47

                        Aadrian McCollum              6:20.74

3000M 1st Place Fiona Masai                       11:21.09

                        Sylvia Tomno                        12:00.68

                        Aadrian McCollum              12:22.34

55MH                        Latesha Bigby                     9.19P             9th All Time at Butler

                        Carole Idolphine                9.23P             10th All Time at Butler

                        Paige Slayton                      9.70P             14th All Time at Butler




55M               Shauron Jennings                6.54P/6.53F

                        Jamelle Ardis                        6.58P

                        Cameron Hampton            6.60P

200M             Cameron Hampton            23.56

                        Jamelle Ardis                        24.11

400M             Koy Watkins                         1:00.79

500M             Emanuel Thornton             1:09.29

                        Toland Holloway                 1:10.34

                        Aaron Cain                            1:10.55

                        Drake Brown                       1:12.37

                        Taylor Parker                       1:13.47

                        Alejandro Carbajal              1:14.50

1000M 1st Place Coty Williams                    2:41.96

                        Devery Robley                     2:42.05

                        Jameson Fay             2:43.01

                        Mathew Komen                  2:45.48

                        Dale Nuckolls                       2:49.22

Mile    1st Place  Heber Jimenez                   4:55.66

                        Colby Nuessen                     5:00.73

                        Thomas Groom                   5:46.55

3000M           Heber Jimenez                    9:33.42

                        Colby Nuessen                     9:46.69

                        Thomas Groom                   11:10.33

55MH                        Emanuel Thornton             8.05P

                        Koy Watkins                         11.50P

4 x 400M       Team B                                  3:47.21

            (Cain- 53.6, Robley- 61.3, Hampton- 56.0, Parker- 56.2)

                        Team C                                  3:47.75

            (Ardis- 54.7, Williams- 61.3, Brown- 55.3, Holloway- 56.5)

                        Team A                                  3:48.02

            (Thornton- 53.5, Busienei- 52.7, Fay- 63.8, Koy- 57.5)





High Jump     Latesha Bigby                     4'11 ¾"         11th All Time at Butler

                        Paige Slayton                      4'6"                14th All Time at Butler

Long Jump    Latesha Bigby                      16'1 ¾"

                        Paige Slayton                       15'7 ½"

Shot Put        Paige Slayton                       22'6 ¼"




High Jump     Koy Watkins                         5'2 ¼"

Pole Vault     Corben Ewertz                   13' ¾"            6th All Time at Butler

Long Jump    Koy Watkins                         15'9 ¾"

Shot Put        Koy Watkins                         21'4 ¾"